ISO Health and Safety Management

ABH Safety Services assists with attaining ISO certifications and understanding the application of the best practices within your industry.
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Workplace Health and Safety

This course provides an understanding of health and safety legislation and common causes of accidents. It encompasses a wide range of health and safety topics and is an excellent course for business owners and managers.

ISO Health and Safety Certifications for Business

ABH Safety Services is an ISO-certified health and safety consultancy including environmental health and safety.

We assist organisations in attaining ISO certifications, understanding the best practices within your industry and how to implement the correct system.

At ABH Safety Services, our consultants have years of experience working with multiple industries, including construction, retail, and industrial. As a result, be assured that your management system is working efficiently while identifying and correcting any areas that do not conform to ISO standards.

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures Services

The safety policies and procedures we develop with our clients at ABH Safety Services are of the highest quality. Here are some of the reasons you should have high-quality Health and Safety procedures in place:

Reduce Your Costs

Safety at work allows employees to continue working while minimising absences due to work-related illness or injury. Having a healthy workforce minimises hiring temporary workers to fill in for recovering workers. You also lower the cost of repairs and replacements by reducing the risk of damaging equipment. A solid and robust health and safety program can reduce insurance premiums and lower the cost of incidents not covered by insurance.

Protect Your Staff

Workplace health and safety policies that are strictly enforced help reduce the likelihood of your employees being injured, ill, or suffering any other form of harm at work. With clear documentation, you can confidently fulfil your moral duty to take care of your employees, thus setting the foundation for safety.

Improve Your Reputation

With our healthy and safe policies and procedures, you can establish a good reputation in your industry for securing the health and wellness of your employees. Building a trustworthy reputation can spread to your clients, associates, and staff members’ circles to the point that you can attract more business partnerships and hires. A work-related accident can damage credibility if you don’t put your staff’s health and safety first.

Retain Your Teams

It is critical to keep your employees safe and healthy, especially if you work in a field with a relatively high level of health and safety risks. As a result, the company maintains a highly skilled and experienced workforce that produces better work than its competitors. Recruiting and training new employees to counter high turnover saves you time and resources.

Guide The Actions Of Your Employees

It is the leaders’ responsibility to guide workers in doing their jobs safely and to the best of their ability. Even if you instruct your employees to maximise their productivity and performance, they can unwittingly put themselves at risk if they do not have proper health and safety policies and procedures. Establish health and safety regulations that allow your employees to perform their tasks without sacrificing their health.


Health and safety are covered by industry standards and the law for everyone working at your company. Additionally, you are obligated not just to your employees and other immediate stakeholders but also to regulatory bodies, local authorities, and the government. Our health and safety policies and procedures can keep you and your company up-to-date on industry best practices and legislative changes.

Improve Morale Within The Company

When your staff is engaged in their work, it reflects how much effort you put into ensuring their health and safety. Those under your management will act accordingly if you show concern for their welfare. Show concern with health and safety measures; they are more likely to be productive knowing you support them. If you only make the tiniest gesture at staff security, you risk them disengaging at best or engaging in unsafe behaviour at worst.

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures FAQs

A statement of intent should specify your general policy on health and safety and your commitment to managing it. Employers are required to sign and evaluate this statement regularly.

In addition, it should list the people in your company with specific health and safety responsibilities, including their roles and responsibilities.

Last, but not least, it needs to detail how you will achieve your health and safety goals.

Setting up a health and safety policy can be difficult. As the foundation of your health and safety management program, they set the tone for your company’s health and safety culture. ABH Safety Services assists businesses with creating customised policies that encompass their specific health and safety risks.

As part of our services, we can develop bespoke health and safety policies and procedures tailored to your company and its requirements. Some examples are emergency evacuation procedures, fire procedures and policies, safe systems and method statements, and risk assessments.

Hazards include anything that can harm people, such as a broken guardrail, radiation, or incorrect handling. In contrast, a risk is the likelihood that a hazard will cause harm to people, regardless of its size.

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