Health and Safety Compliance

ABH Safety Services ensures your business is fully compliant and has trained operators to enforce health and safety where required.
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Working Safely

This online course topics include fire safety, asbestos awareness, working at height, COSHH, personal protective equipment, electricity and schemes for improving safety performance. Essential learning for employers and employees alike.

Health and Safety Compliance Requirements

Health and Safety compliance goes beyond meeting legal obligations; it includes regulations’ underlying aims and objectives and any necessary licenses, permits, and protocols.

A breach of compliance occurs when a business fails to comply with legal obligations, industry standards, and recognised best practices.

  • Appointing a competent person to manage your health & safety
  • Identify hazards and carry out risk assessments
  • Providing information and training to your employees
  • Preparing a health & safety policy
  • Consulting employees when necessary
  • Providing the proper facilities for your employees
  • Maintaining first aid standards
  • Insuring your business
  • Reporting on accidents and any illnesses and accidents
  • Displaying the Health & Safety Law poster
  • Understanding the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

Health and Safety Compliance Services

We ensure that your business is fully compliant and has trained operators to enforce health and safety where required.

We’ll conduct a risk assessment of your workplace to ensure health and safety legislation compliance. We’ll also monitor your records and policies online using specialist health and safety software. Moreover, managers and employees can complete training courses online to improve their understanding of health and safety compliance.

Lack of knowledge or time can be a significant health and safety compliance barrier. We provide expertise and training that ensures productivity won’t be affected during compliance.

Penalties and Benefits

Health and safety regulations must be followed. Inadequate health and safety practices can lead to accidents, incidents, and ill health, which can negatively affect the business, its employees, and its individual directors and senior managers.

It is crucial that you comply with current UK laws under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. A serious breach of the law (sections two-six of the policy) is punishable by an unlimited fine and, potentially, two years imprisonment.

Maintaining high standards is essential for any business, whether a construction company, a retail store, or an office environment. Contact ABH Safety Services today to lead and consult your business’s Health and Safety procedures.

  • Absences can be reduced by providing a safe working environment. This will lead to fewer absences
  • Taking steps to avoid employment tribunals: Workplace injuries can result in claims by your employees, which can be costly for you and negatively impact your public image
  • By improving your company’s safety record, you can attract talented employees. And promote a positive public image
  • The higher the level of safety, the more efficiently your employees will perform their duties. Unsafe working environments do not promote confidence, which can negatively impact productivity
  • Safety procedures will keep your employees injury-free so they can do their jobs on your behalf
  • By adhering to health and safety legislation, you’re less likely to have to shut down operations within your business, resulting in lost revenue
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